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CogniMap 320 Handheld 3d mapping device
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Welcome to Cogniteam!

Cogniteam is a technology start-up, in the area of autonomy control for robotics and interactive simulations. Our goal is to become a world leader in robotics and and simulation markets requiring high levels of autonomy and intelligence.


Hamster v5

Small and cheap robot, capable of localization, mapping and autonomous navigation

CogniMap 230

Compact, handheld, realtime 2d mapping device

CogniMap 320

A handheld 3d mapping device


Decision making engine for multi robots, enables execution of complex missions in dynamic environments


Cogniteam provides professional development services in its areas of expertise. These include:

  • Autonomy control and high level artificial intelligence for single and multiple robots.
  • Robot navigation, path-planning, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).
  • Robot patrolling, surveillance, and reconnaissance in GPS-denied environments.
  • Machine learning, adaptation, and natural language interactions.
  • Hardware and software for two- and three-dimensional (2D/3D) mapping.

We provide tailored solutions to our customers, tied to their system and infrastructure. If preferred, we can also provide complete turnkey solutions.

Example projects include:

  • Surveillance tasks in which a drone and an unmanned vehicle are coordinating their motions
  • JAUS and ROS infrastructure connectivity and support
  • A clinical speech rehabilitation system
  • The development of a multi-robot system for indoor mapping and exploration, without GPS.

Our technical team has over 30 years of experience in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Cogniteam is fully ISO-9000 certified and is a registered provider for the Ministry of Defense

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