Advantech and Cogniteam Accelerates AMR Deployment by Integrated Edge Computing and Fleet Management Service

Embedding Cogniteam’s platform for cloud connectivity allows teams to manage, monitor, and deploy devices remotely. “Companies can remotely manage and update their Advantech-powered robots AMR throughout their full lifecycle,” said Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, Co-Founder & CEO of Cogniteam.

 Tel Aviv, Israel, December 25, 2023 – In a landmark innovation for the robotics industry, Cogniteam, pioneers in cloud robotic platforms, announced their groundbreaking collaboration with Advantech, a global leader in industrial and embedded IoT. This partnership marks the integration of Cogniteam’s advanced cloud platform into Advantech’s cutting-edge compute solutions designed for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), setting a new standard in robotics development, management, and deployment.

This strategic alliance introduces a unified cloud solution, empowering teams to remotely manage, monitor, and deploy robots with unprecedented ease and efficiency, based on reliable and fully integrated edge computers. “Our vision is to transform how robots are managed throughout their lifecycle,” explained Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, Co-Founder & CEO of Cogniteam. “Embedding our platform into Advantech’s diversified and integrated compute solutions enables companies to seamlessly update and control their robots, freeing them to focus on their core innovations.”

Robotics development, often hindered by the complexities of hardware and software integration, can now leap forward. Cogniteam’s complete connectivity layer provides a comprehensive suite of tools for post-sale management, including updates, monitoring, and control of deployed robots and fleets. “This integration eliminates traditional barriers, accelerating innovation and development in robotics,” said Dr. Elmaliah. Advantech, renowned for cutting-edge embedded solutions & design-in and DMS service, also rises to the challenges of a series of AMR-specific products with multiple chip vendors and various form factors. They come in with MIPI CSI support on both x86 and RISC computers, built-in IMU, ESD protection, Wi-Fi 6 fast roaming, and a one-click installation package of ROS2 and popular robotics development resources. “Our customers, who are at the forefront of AMR development, require open and scalable architecture, sensor fusion, and data sync, as well as functional safety solutions,” stated James Wang, Director of Application Focus Embedded at Advantech.

“Together with Cogniteam, developers can fast-track AMR development, deployment, and operation process. This collaboration fulfills that need,” explained Pablo Lin, Director of Advantech’s Applied Computing Group.
Looking ahead, this partnership is set to open new frontiers in robotics. AMR can now stay in the field longer, with minimal downtime for updates, enhancing operational efficiency. Cogniteam plans to integrate emerging Human-Robot Interaction tools, currently under development within the HRI consortium, further advancing the capabilities of cloud-connected robots; whereas Advantech is committed to unifying AMR perception, localization, and control sensors and controllers as the leader of embedded computing.

About Advantech
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