Rover Robotics aims to provide a tested and trusted mobile platform to quickly advance your research, testing, and deployment of any robotics project!

Rover Robotics products are proven to shine in the toughest environments, providing a reliable ground platform for any application. Compatible with ROS/ROS2, all robots are highly customizable and can be easily implemented into any project.


Combining Rover Robotics products with Cogniteam allows users to access and implement advanced capabilities quickly and easily without taking up valuable development time.

The partnership with Cogniteam allows Rover Robotics for superior support with any integration into any project. Cogniteam and Rover together provide a fully capable, physically robust, and highly adaptable mobile robotics platform ready for immediate deployment.

About Rover Robotics

Rover Robotics makes quality robotics hardware affordable. Compatible with cutting-edge computers from NVIDIA and ADLINK technologies you can utilize breakthroughs in AI and computer vision to open new markets for ground robots in increasingly varied environments


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