The Cloud Robotics Platform

A unified way to develop, deploy and manage robots and fleets.


Our platform makes your ROS journey intuitive using drag-and-drop tools and a rich set of ready-made AI algorithms such as object recognition, navigation, and path planning that are ROS1/2 compatible.

You can easily design, develop, and test your robots, allowing you to create custom behaviors that are tailored to your unique needs.

Control, Monitor
and Manage

Teleoperate robots, monitor & record sensor information from anywhere in the world with one customizable dashboard. Monitor an individual robot or a fleet of robots, gain remote access, and display various types of information: data streams, performance analytics, fault diagnostics, and more.

Multiple Simulation Environments

Our simulation tool provides a powerful and flexible solution for companies in various industries. With our 3D physical simulation tool (no need to install - browser-based), you can easily create and run simulations of your robots and their behaviors, allowing you to test and evaluate new designs, train operators, and predict the performance of your robots under different conditions.

Our simulation environments are user-friendly and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Our platform supports ROS 1/2 by providing a bridge that allows ROS 1/2 nodes to communicate. This enables developers to leverage the existing ROS ecosystem, libraries, and tools while benefiting from the platform capabilities. With our platform, developers can create ROS nodes and seamlessly integrate them into their robotic applications.

Learn how to connect your existing ROS projects or create your own robotic application from scratch!

Wait, there's more:

Nimbus anomaly detection monitors real-time behavior, identifies deviations, and alerts to potential faults or risks
Fleet management, monitoring, and task management
Lifelong robot software upgrades and support through the cloud
GPS Location Accurately determine the real-time position of your robots anywhere in the world
Deploy a configurations to a single robot or to an entire fleet of robots with a click of a button
Rich library of algorithms, drivers, and sensors (lidars, depth cameras, and many more)

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News & Updates

25 December 2023

Advantech Embeds Cogniteam’s Platform to Provide Unified Cloud Solution to Manage, Monitor, and Deploy Robots and Fleets

Embedding Cogniteam’s platform for cloud connectivity allows teams to manage, monitor and deploy devices remotely. “Companies can remotely manage and update their Advantech-powered robots throughout their full lifecycle,” said Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, Co-Founder & CEO of Cogniteam.

23 July 2023

Shauli Zacks

SafetyDetectives spoke with Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, about Nimbus, the cloud-based robotics ecosystem, cybersecurity, the impact of AI with autonomous robots, and more.

Cybersecurity plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of autonomous robots, encompassing two primary aspects. Firstly, treating robots as computers and implementing cybersecurity measures to protect them is essential. The same effective cybersecurity solutions used for computers can be applied to robots.

29 May 2023

Ari Yakir

Develop a Multi-Robot Environment with NVIDIA Isaac Sim, ROS, and Nimbus

The need for a high-fidelity multi-robot simulation environment is growing rapidly as more and more autonomous robots are being deployed in real-world scenarios. In this post, I will review what we used in the past at Cogniteam for simulating multiple robots, our current progress with NVIDIA Isaac Sim, and how Nimbus can speed up the development and maintenance of a multi-robot simulation with Isaac Sim.

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We have now packaged our unique suite of algorithms together as a single platform, bringing you a unique Cloud-based robotic artificial intelligence solution in one easy-to-use place.

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