Video Tutorials

Introduction to Nimbus

Chapter 0.0

Welcome to Nimbus Tutorials

0:37 min

Eli, PhD (in CS) is our research scientist. Follow Eli in the next tutorials to quickly get started with Nimbus.

Chapter 0.1

An Overview of Nimbus

3:46 min

Overview the main components of the Nimbus system and the main functionalities of Nimbus's web application.

Chapter 1

How to Get Started With Nimbus

Chapter 1.1

A New Robot is Born

0:58 min

Create and configure a new robot in Nimbus. We'll get an installation line with which we can install the Nimbus Client on our robot.

Chapter 1.2

Installing the Nimbus Agent

3:34 min

Review the Kobuki robotic platform and install the Nimbus Client on it.

Chapter 1.3

The Nimbus Agent

2:32 min

SSH the robot through the Nimbus website and review the Nimbus client.

Chapter 1.4

Upgrading the Nimbus Agent

0:57 min

Learn 2 ways to upgrade the Nimbus Agent.

Chapter 1.5

3D Representation and Behavioral Configuration

7:33 min

Create a customized configuration, such as configuring behavioral and adding the 3d representation of our platform and devices.

Chapter 1.6

Viewing the Robot’s Streams

5:52 min

How to view the robot's streams with respect to its configuration.

Chapter 1.7

The Nimbus Agent Local Server

1:18 min

Get the functionality of Nimbus in your local network.

Chapter 2

How to Configure & Simulate

Chapter 2.0

How To Build an Advanced Behavioral Configuration

3:14 min

Review and demonstrate how easy it is to build complex behavioral configuration for our robot using Nimbus.

Chapter 3

How to Deploy

Chapter 3.1

Introduction to ROS

6:54 min

If you are already familiar with ROS you can skip this video. Otherwise it can be your "jump start" for learning ROS.

Chapter 3.2

Adding a Customized Component – Talker-Listener Example

9:00 min

Review the Talker-Listener Example from the ROS tutorials, and define a Nimbus component for it. In particular, we'll use a template for the docker image and JSON file that are necessary for uploading a new customized Nimbus component. You can use this template to add new customized components of your own.

Chapter 4

How to Build a Fleet

Chapter 4.1

Adding a Customized Component – Installing an Xbox Controller

6:21 min

Follow the ROS instructions to install an Xbox controller package for ROS.

Chapter 4.2

Adding a Customized Component – Creating a Docker Image

8:37 min

Create a docker file and a docker image for our Xbox controller. Then, we'll upload our docker to DockerHub.

Chapter 4.3

Adding a Customized Component – Writing a JSON Definition File

5:12 min

Define a JSON definition file and upload it to Nimbus.

Chapter 5

Adding a New Device

Chapter 5.1

Adding a New Device

3:57 min

Add a new Device to Nimbus. In particular, we'll upload a 3D representation file for our Xbox controller, and use the Nimbus Client to discover the ID and PORT of this device.

Chapter 5.2

Upload a New Robotic Platform

2:15 min

Upload a new robotic platform and define its particular dimensions for the simulation.

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