A major ODM asked Cogniteam to develop automated solutions for cleaning products such as industrial scrubber dryers and vacuum cleaners.

The challenge was to quickly test a variety of scenarios and environments through Cogniteam’s platformwithout disrupting the end users’ engineering teams and ensuring they could continue to work amongst the AMRs.


Combine products for a purpose-built result

As a prototype, Cogniteam chose its Pengo Robot and integrated ADLINK’s ROScube Pico NPN – a SOM-based purpose-built robotics computer. Next, Cogniteam installed it’s software on ADLINK’s ROScube and tested various algorithms, including area mapping, coverage exploration, and human interaction. By combining the products, Cogniteam was able to provide an open system with AI and a low power consumption balance.

The ROScube Pico Series is a robotic controller powered by a NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX and Nano system-on-module (SOM) platform designed for rapid development and deployment of ROS and AI applications. The straightforward design allows users to quickly get development underway using open-source ROS libraries and packages. ​

It is especially suited to robotic applications demanding cost-effective deployment without compromising AI computing capability.


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