Absolutely! In today’s world, the lifecycle of a robotic start–up company usually takes 6 years to get to market, while for a software company, it takes a year and a half or two. Robotic start-up companies start with a small prototype and will grow directly to production and sales. So they think…

Cogniteam’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah was invited to speak at DAI 2021 virtual conference, Shanghai, China. The aim of the Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) conference is bringing together researchers and practitioners in related areas to provide a single, high-profile, internationally renowned forum for research in the theory and practice of distributed AI, for more than 1,000 online participants.

Dr. Elmaliah was born in the ’70s and spent his childhood in the ’80s, having pop-culture movies and TV shows such as “Transformers” and “The Terminator” igniting his imagination, wondering what the future holds. 40 years later, expecting a robotic revolution, our world has come to a point where in today’s consumer robotics there are mainly vacuum cleaners. Not exactly the revolution I imagined…

Today is the “Golden Age” of single-mission robots. In the next 15-20 years, we will see more robots doing one thing, one task. From drone deliveries, and autonomous warehousing robots to cleaning and inspection robots. By 2025, 50K warehouses and logistics centers will be mostly autonomous and will use 4M robots. The industrial and service robot market will increase from 76.6 billion USD in 2020 to 176.8 billion USD in 2025. The robotics revolution starts now.

Building a robot is all about integration. Choosing the correct computing power; choosing the right sensors, the right actuators, not developing them.

The main time-consuming aspect of robot development is the software. By shifting to the cloud, robotic companies can benefit, improve, and save valuable time and money. It can reduce problems by utilizing data to gain knowledge, discover market trends, learn usage profiles and optimize robot components, and eventually increase business results.

Until today, companies had to develop their own tools for teleoperation, over-the-air (OTA’s) updates and upgrades, fleet management, monitoring, analytics, and remote debugging. Creating this cloud infrastructure is a real challenge, resulting in a longer time-to-market period for robotic companies.

Cogniteam’s cloud-based solution enables robotic companies to focus on their core IP development while integrating off-the-shelf software – because robotics is all about integration. Starting a robotic company with the correct robotic cloud-based infrastructure to begin with, makes all the difference! Expedite your time-to-market, enhance your capabilities, and outperform your competitors.

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