The Cloud
Robotics Platform

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The Cloud
Robotics Platform

Start Where You Need, Grow Where You Want

Easily deploy, control, and manage robots and fleets in a single unified platform.
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Monitor, Control and Optimize – Anywhere

Implement real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of robotic systems and fleets through an advanced, unified dashboard. Leverage remote capabilities to execute maintenance and updates globally, reducing the need for on-site technical intervention.

Seamless Robotics Control

Take full control over your robotics projects with Cogniteam’s platform, through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, an extensive library, and advanced teleoperation. This combination facilitates a seamless transition from initial concept to prototype, providing you with complete control over your robotics.

Optimized Integration
and OTA Deployment

Leverage streamlined Over-The-Air (OTA) container-based updates designed for robotics, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum service continuity. Our platform also enables easy integration with existing ROS1/2 projects or the creation of new robotic applications from scratch, enhancing technical efficiency and innovation.

Why us?

We bridge cutting-edge cloud technology and deep robotics expertise to serve OEMs and Operators with unparalleled solutions.

Facilitating easy onboarding with full-scale assistance

Mature platform

Customizable solutions tailored for every robotic need

Future-Ready robotic manufacturing processes


“Cogniteam’s platform has transformed our robotics development at Arche Robotics. It streamlined collaboration, improved workflow efficiency, and provided invaluable data-driven insights. Their advanced monitoring capabilities and exceptional support have been game-changers for our team. Thanks to Cogniteam, we’re pushing the boundaries of robotics innovation faster than ever.”

Koray Aydoğdu,
Arche Robotics CEO

“Cogniteam has been instrumental in the ongoing development of our robots, offering The Cogniteam Platform – a tool that carries the potential to optimize our teleoperation and remote maintenance tasks seamlessly.
This collaboration allows us to save significant development effort, enabling us to focus more on our core tasks.”

Markus Rohr Robolem Co-Founder and
 Co-Managing Director

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