Technology and Know-How

CogniTeam provides professional development services in its areas of expertise. We provide tailored solutions to the customer's specifications, and tied to their system and infrastructure. If preferred, we can also provide complete turnkey solutions. We have carried out projects in robotics (on various platforms), and in simulation (tied to simulation infrastructure such as VR Forces(tm), and the Doom 3 serious game platform). Projects include security-related applications, JAUS enablement, multi-robot formations, coordinating UAVs and UGVs, coordination of heterogeneous robots, and more. Our technical team has over 30 years of experience in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Key technology areas include:

  1. Navigation, path-planning, mapping
  2. Patrolling and surveillance
  3. Building virtual humans (simulating the cognitive capabilities of humans with high fidelity)
  4. Controlling and coordinating multiple robots or simulated entities
  5. JAUS standardization (Cogniteam is the only Israeli member on the JAUS standardization committee)
  6. Robot vision

Cogniteam is fully ISO-9000 certified and is a registered provider for the Ministry of Defense.

Some of Our Clients

  1. Israel Aeorspace Industries (one of Israel's largest defense contractors) used our services and CogniTAO product in several ambitious R&D projects. One of these, for instance, involved completely autonomous cooperation between an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  2. Bar Ilan University, home to Israel's largest robotics and artificial intelligence group, used Cogniteam's services and CogniTAO product in its applied research projects, including for autonomous mapping, coordinated movement, RoboCup soccer on humanoid robots
  3. SafeI, Ltd., an Israeli security firm, has contracted Cogniteam services to demonstration novel robotic security concepts
  4. Robo-Team, which develops robotics application, relied on us for building its prototype vision system in record time.
  5. The Israeli Ministry of Defense's research agency (MAFAT) indoor robot swarms project, uses Cogniteam as a subcontractor for all of its single robot autonomy (navigation, mapping, control). The project selected CogniTAO for its multi-robot software infrastructure.
  6. The Israel Defense Forces Battle Lab selected CogniTAO for its autonomy control software, controlling dozens of highly sophisticated computer generated forces, all running on VR Forces platform.

Get In Touch

We are always happy to get feedback and make new business partnerships. Feel free to drop us a mail or call us directly.

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