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3D Mapping

CogniMap 320 is an handheld unit used to 3d map large areas.

  • Handheld
  • IMU
  • 10 hours battery
  • 30m+ 3D LiDAR range
  • Realtime 3D Mapping
  • ROS support
  • Android app
  • High accuracy


Use case example #1 - Office mapping


Mapping of Cogniteam's office #1
Mapping of Cogniteam's office #2

Use case example #2 - Manot cave mapping

Manot cave was bla bla bla something something lorem ipsum


Manot Cave 3d-scanning (area E)
Manot Cave 3d-scanning (area G)

3D Model

  Interactive 3d model, use your mouse to rotate the model, use scroll wheel to zoom in/out
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